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"Drive" is about what we have all done...get in the car and drive when someone or something has given you too much to handle at that moment.


Why do I drive? Well I think that that's a very very interesting question
I think I drive a lot of times just to get away
Just to get away from everything and everyone and everything that's bothering you under the sun
Everything that's right and everything that's wrong. Maybe I just drive just to make another song
Who knows. Never really can tell. Sometimes you might be driving straight into heaven. Sometimes you might be driving straight into hell.
And there's always someone behind it. Really.
There's always someone who sent you on your way and made you get in that car and go away
It's crazy. It's always crazy.
It's always for some inexplicable reason, you know?
And nothing that anyone can say, or do, and nothing that can really help you.
Not anymore.
And you're too far gone.
You get in the car and you drive and you drive and you drive.
And then you drive some more.
Aimlessly just driving away and wasting gas.
And sometimes it's just what you have to do. I mean really think about it. You're sort of saving lives out there aren't you? I mean there's a lot of lives out there that need to be saved.
And by you just taking a driving your car and going away, who knows, you may have saved a whole bunch of people. And nobody will ever really know will they?
And no one will ever really understand that just because you got in your car and drove you may have saved someone... or everyone. You may have saved the entire world.
Just because you had a few minutes to just drive.
Chillout, calm down.
And think about whether that person is really worth the effort.
Whether any of it is worth the effort
And you may never know. No one will ever know.
All they see is a car that's passing by the hundred miles an hour.
And someone without a smile on their face behind the wheel.
In that screaming fast automobile.
I guess that's why I...
I guess that's why I drive.
I never really thought about it, but yeah...
I guess that's why I drive.
And I've been doing it for years .


GOALIE (aka Jamie R) all instruments, vocals, mixing and production



all rights reserved


Goalie Chicago, Illinois

GOALIE is the solo project of Jamie R (13-Monsters). Chicago, Il

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